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Two Year Art Schools

Given the wide selection of areas in which artists can choose to concentrate with regard to their art studies, it can also be expected that there would be different programs that are designed based on each area of concentration. This is very true, as seen in the different programs that are offered by most art schools in the country. However, among these programs, there are quite a number of them that can be finished within two years, which goes against the general perception that only associate programs can be finished in two years. Given this, people who intend to take formal classes in art should be aware of the different two-year programs that they can avail themselves of.

Some two-year programs

For budding artists who wish to get the basic skills they need, they can take advantage of various certificate programs, which consist of the most fundamental art courses that aim to arm students with basic theoretical and practical skills in art. Usually, these programs can be taken in one semester, but there are cases wherein some students take two years to finish them. The most common two-year art program is the associate's program wherein students are given general education in the arts to prepare them for a bachelor's degree in the arts. As a result, people who go through associate programs only need to spend two more years in the university because going through an associate program allows students to get their bachelor's degree in as few as two years. This is opposed to situations in which art students get into a university right after high school, which means that they would have to spend four whole years in school. Another two-year art program that art students can avail themselves of is a master's degree in art because there are some master's degree programs that could be completed in as few as two years.

Contrary to the perception that only associate art programs can be completed in a period of two years, there are other art programs that can be finished in the same period of time, which include bachelor's and master's degree programs. This means that there is a wide selection of two-year programs that are available. Art students would do well to consider these programs, which can arm them with the skills that they need to practice a profession in art in a fairly short period time.

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